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LINK ASIA Advertising Media Co., Ltd, the premium Chinese advertising media, is an integrated media platform found by Chinese and providing the service for Chinese community in Cambodia and other nations targeting to those Chinese.

Our mission is to build the platform to provide knowledge, facts, guidance and other information to all Chinese in Cambodia and to become the leading media platform that bridge the gap between Cambodia and China.


Mr. Hongfei Liu
Chief Executive Officer


Ms. Huot Sunna
Sales & Marketing Manager


Mr. Kimsuo San
Business Development Manager





Chinese Business Networking Event

Chinese Business Networking Event There are many business events hosted in Cambodia, while most of them are western based and we rarely see any Chinese based networking event especially organized for Chinese business community or other Asian market in Cambodia.

However, Chinese as Cambodia’s largest investors, entrepreneur, professional employee entering  into the Cambodia market, playing a major role in Cambodia and the need of Chinese to work together to be better and stronger. They need us to provide a communication platform in term of business relationship.

Based on our previous success, we are now launching a full year plan of 2017 for our Chinese business events to improve the communication among the Chinese community to a greater extent as well as to create more business relationship opportunities for every participants and partners.

Asian Business Networking Event:

ABNE is the abbreviation of Asian Business Networking Event It is created to seek more potential business opportunities by inviting managers and business owners from all business sectors to join together.

Between the year of 2015 and 2016, ABNE has owned a successful history for four times with a total of more than 1600 participates attended while a large amount of them has built up new business relationships through ABNE, which make it the most powerful event among Asian nation doing business in Cambodia.



For Better Cambodia

Doing a business in one country even though not our origin country, we not only try to make profits but also we should take responsibilities in social activities to improve and support for the better community.

As a Chinese based-company doing business in Cambodia, Link Asia, a Chinese media, is able to use its owned platform to gather many Chinese investors, businessmen in the country to help Cambodian people who are in need of helps in terms of financial and technical support.  For Better Cambodia was found in 2017.

Our first activities was on March 11, 2017, our team For Better Cambodia with Chinese sponsors went to Dom Pdaov village, Chouk disrtict, Kampot province by bringing rice bags, study materials, household materials for donation to villagers there.
On April 22, 2017 was our second activity. We brought orphanages in one organization in Takeo to visit Phnom Penh city, had lunch with delicious food at Chinese restaurant, enjoy playing at Kid City and donate them with study materials.



Address: #315, Canadia Tower 11th floor, St. Preah Ang Duong, Sangkat Wat Phnom, Khan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
KH & EN: +855 (0)69 611 888 – CH & EN: 087 455 870

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